Modern Financial Planning CRM Software for Advisors

Gainns suite makes it easy for you to manage all your clients under one roof. Precision planning, robust compliance, and seamless CRM and Client Portal integration — all in one place for the modern financial advisor.


Present Every Nuance of Financial Planning Beautifully.

Comprehensive Investment and Cash Flow Planning.

Dive deep into client’s finances, mapping out income projections and expense planning with unmatched clarity. With our tools, turn today’s numbers into tomorrow’s possibilities.

Simplified Compliance & Workflow Management.

Our system makes it easy to manage your workflows and meet stringent industry standards, from due diligence to audit trails, so you can stay on top of complex financial regulations.
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Effortless Task Management.

Overcome the chaos of day-to-day operations with Gainns’ intuitive task and workflow tools. Prioritise your workload, streamline task execution, and never miss a deadline with our intuitive task management and notification systems.

Secure and Customisable Client Portal.

Transform how you engage with clients using a client portal. Provide a unique, interactive experience that enables clients to take control of their financial journey in a platform that reflects your firm’s branding.


Witness the Transformation. Financial planners who shifted from generic tools to specialised precision with Gainns’s Financial Planning suite.

How to Get Started

Secure Messaging Advisor Clients

1. Sign Up Instantly

Create your account in minutes. Just enter your details, and you’re ready to go
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2. Import & Organise

Bring your clients into Gainns with our easy import feature. Set up client profiles, assign tasks, and distribute documents. You’ll be ready to advise with all your resources in one place, securely and efficiently.
Flexible & Configurable CRM and Customer Portal

3. Customise Your Dashboard

Gainns comes ready to go. But you can set up your firm profile, choose your color themes, and integrate your branding for a seamless client experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CRM?
How do your tools ensure accurate financial projections?
With Gainns’ robust algorithms and vast financial calculations, our projection tools offer insights grounded in real-world scenarios, ensuring you get the most accurate outlook.
Absolutely! From e-signatures to risk profiling and KYC checks, our Financial Planning suite seamlessly integrates with essential tools to provide a comprehensive planning experience.
We’re committed to your success. We offer one to one training sessions, webinars, and our support team is always available to guide you through any queries or challenges.
Our team consistently monitors financial calculations. Any updates or changes are swiftly integrated into our workflows and compliance checklists to ensure you remain on the right side.

Salesforce is a comprehensive CRM solution that can be customised for various purposes, but Gainns stands out with its specialised focus on financial planning and wealth management. With features that cater to the specific needs of financial planners, such as goal-based planning modules, risk assessment tools, and integrated financial analytics, Gainns offers a tailored CRM experience. This specialisation facilitates a seamless, more effective financial planners process, setting financial advisors up for enhanced performance over a generic and broad-based CRM like Salesforce.

Ready to Become the Financial Advisor Your Clients Adore?