Modern CRM with a Client Portal for Financial Services

Centralise everything and efficiently manage client workflows and activities with a suite of tools to drive productivity, client engagement and business growth – all from one secure platform.

Centralise All Your Client Lifecycle Interactions.

Say goodbye to scattered client data. Centralise, segment, and smoothly navigate your client universe, freeing up time for what truly matters.

Stress-Free Onboarding

Sign new clients in half the time by eliminating daunting paperwork and manual data entry. Embrace the beauty of streamlined digital onboarding journey and leave first impressions that last.

Plan Precisely, Present Professionally.

No more guesswork. Unlock precision with robust financial planning tools and confidently share top-tier advice that resonates and earns.

Secure and Convenient Document Management

A fortress for document security meets the peak of convenience. Store, organise, and share client documents without a second thought.

Reporting: Fast, Accurate, Impressive.

Shed hours off report creation. Use tailored templates, share insights effortlessly, and establish yourself as the go-to expert advisor.

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Simplify Your Task Management

Overcome the chaos of day-to-day operations with Gainns’ intuitive task and workflow tools. Prioritise your workload, streamline task execution, and never miss a deadline with our intuitive task management and notification systems.

Impress Every Client with your Branded Client Portal

Secure and User-friendly Client Portal

Transform how you engage with clients using a client portal. Provide a unique, interactive experience that enables clients to take control of their financial journey in a platform that reflects your firm’s branding.

Customise Your Client Portal, But Keep It Secure

Infuse every interaction with your unique brand essence. And do so with the confidence that industry-leading security is on your side.

Centralised Communication Hub

Open the gates to constant communication. Forge enduring client relationships with an all-encompassing messaging, alerting, and content-sharing hub.

What Users Have to Say About Us

Firms who transformed their daily grind into a streamlined success with the technology powering Gainns.

The Ultimate Financial Workspace
for You & Your Clients.

Secure Messaging Advisor Clients

Keep Clients Informed Easily.

Share a personal dashboard of important alerts, investment insights, and self-managed profiles with clients. The result? Better transparency and reduced admin burdens for you.
Digital Document Management Software

Reduce the Paperwork.

From an intuitive document management portal to encrypted chats and digital approvals, Gainns makes every interaction more efficient between you and your clients.

Flexible & Configurable CRM and Customer Portal

Make it Yours.

With protective features like 2FA and customisable displays, your branded client portal becomes a sanctuary of professionalism and care.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Client Portal is 100% white-labelled. You have full control to configure branding, themes, and content to align with your firm’s look and feel. Your clients will only see your branding. We provide a unique portal subdomain that can be button linked from your website. For a small monthly fee, we can also fully integrate the client portal directly into your main domain.

Gainns is more than just a CRM; it’s tailor-made for financial services companies mainly wealth and investment professionals. With specialised practice management and financial planning tools, KYC questionnaires, risk profiling, and a portfolio dashboard, it streamlines your processes and enhances client engagement in ways generic CRMs can’t. Gainns also provides a Client/Investor Platform that links with the Practice Management CRM to exchange and engage with clients.

Increased Client Loyalty: Our Client Portals coupled with our CRM can help you to build a relationship of trust with your clients, which can result in them being more loyal to you and your services. Increased Efficiency: Our CRM helps you to manage your clients more efficiently, reducing the time you spend on administrative tasks and retrieving information when you need it. Greater Transparency: Allows you to centralise and keep track of your clients’ activities, engagement and finances in a single location, providing you with greater transparency and insights. 

We’ve made the transition smooth with features like bulk client imports. Plus, our support team is always on standby to assist you every step of the way.

We share your concerns. That’s why Gainns employs industry-leading security measures, including encryption, two-factor authentication, and secure AWS Data Centers, ensuring robust protection for your client data.

The client portal is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Intuitive interfaces and clear instructions ensure that clients can easily navigate and utilise all available features.

Not at all! With Gainns, you can customise portals with your logo and color themes, even integrate it into your website. The platform is designed to amplify, not replace, your brand identity.

Our clients are forward-thinking firms

many clients replaced 2+ tools

Power At Your Fingertips

BUILDs trust & shows professionalism

Client Portal & Mobile App

auto-manage all in one place

Online Client Profiling

no re-keying, just click to view

Projects/Cases Planning


Reviews and Reminders

organise and work smart

Document Management


Tasks and Follow-ups

CREATE & share at a click

Reports Management


Email Integrations and Notes


Online Questionnaires

All Messages in one secure place

Secure Messaging

digitalise your operations

Docusign (E-Sign) Integration

many more to try for yourself

KYC Checks & Much more...

Ready to Become The Professional Your Clients Adore?

If your days as a financial professional don’t become easier in 30 days of using Gainns, you don’t have to pay for it.