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Specialist CRM for Asset Managers with a linked Investor Portal App

Tired of juggling client portfolios, documents, navigating compliance, and wrestling with outdated tools?  Gainns is your game-changer. Elevate every client interaction and direct your focus where it truly counts – managing assets.

Deliver better experience and revolutionise your client servicing

Get 360 Degree View of All Client Data.

Unlock a richer understanding of your clients with Gainns. Get instant access to essential information, streamline processes, and enhance communication.

Onboarding: Efficient, Personalised, Perfect.

Set the foundation for a successful relationship with a client onboarding process that’s as impressive as it is efficient.

Compliance Without Complications.

Navigate the complex world of asset management regulations with Gainns’s comprehensive compliance toolkit.

Task Management: Prioritised and Efficient.

Keep your asset management tasks organised and accessible, ensuring you’re always on top of your game.

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Changing the Face of Asset Management

From tedious manual processes to intuitive client management, see why top asset managers are making the switch to Gainns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CRM?
What is CRM in asset management?
CRM in asset management is pivotal for managing client relationships and portfolios seamlessly. Gainns’s CRM goes beyond just contact details. It integrates risk profiling, client onboarding, and investment strategies, providing asset managers with a holistic view of each client. By doing so, it ensures more strategic decisions, better communication, and ultimately, enhanced trust with clients..
While Salesforce is a robust, general-purpose CRM, Gainns is specifically tailored for the nuances of asset management. It offers a suite of features, from client onboarding to compliance, that are fine-tuned for the unique challenges faced by asset managers. While you can adapt Salesforce to fit, Gainns ensures a streamlined, efficient experience from the outset, positioning asset managers for success.
We’ve developed Gainns with asset managers of varying tech expertise in mind. With dedicated support and regular training, we ensure a smooth and effective experience for everyone.

By providing secure communication channels, transparent reporting, and an intuitive client portal, Gainns ensures every client interaction is impactful, fostering trust and strengthening relationships.

Regulatory adaptation is a priority for us. We proactively update Gainns to match the latest regulatory mandates, ensuring you always operate with full compliance.

Customer Portal to improve client experience

Join the Ranks of Top Asset Managers.

Gainns is much more than a CRM—it’s the stepping stone to becoming the investment manager every client values.